Staff Spotlight: Katie Terrell Hanna Leverages CBD to Help Her Keep an Even Keel

Staff Spotlight: Katie Terrell Hanna Leverages CBD to Help Her Keep an Even Keel

At NextEvo Naturals, we are deeply committed to advancing the frontiers of CBD science and constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to enhance the quality of life for our valued customers.


In pursuit of this mission, we surround ourselves with exceptional individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also passionate advocates for the transformative potential of CBD. This month, we are delighted to shine the spotlight on Katie Terrell Hanna, Content Manager at NextEvo Naturals. 

In the upcoming sections, Katie will share her personal journey with CBD and discuss how it has become an invaluable component of her daily life, helping her to stay steady when life’s seas get rocky.


Q: Give us a little background info on who you are and why CBD matters to you.

A: “I’m a wife and mama to a 10-year-old human and a 4-year-old dog and I’m helping with content in NextEvo’s marketing department. I’m also someone who battles chronic illness, and as such, I’m passionate about finding natural remedies to help me manage my symptoms. CBD plays a big role in that.”


Q: How did you first discover CBD and what led you to incorporate it into your wellness routine?

A: “Well, I had researched CBD in the past as a natural remedy for symptoms like stress, inflammation, and lack of energy. However, I had largely read that was ineffective because our bodies can’t absorb it properly.

Then I came into contact with NextEvo Naturals CBD through their Marketing Director Lindsey Sobrinksi, who is a friend of mine. After learning that NextEvo Naturals CBD is specially formulated so that it can be absorbed by the human body, I decided to give it a try, with great results!”


Q: What specific health or wellness goals were you hoping to achieve by using CBD, and have you seen any positive results since incorporating it into your routine?

A: “I had two things in mind specifically. The first was I was hoping it could help me better manage stress. I’ve always felt like my body is a little over-reactive to stress because of my health challenges, so I wanted help with limiting that if possible. 

The second issue I was hoping for help with was pain management. I deal with chronic widespread pain that is caused by instances of hyper-inflammation, and while I knew CBD would not likely eliminate the pain, I would take even a slight reduction in pain when I have these flare-ups, as a win. I’m proud to say I have seen success with both issues.

I have not seen a complete elimination in symptoms, but with CBD as a part of my self-care regimen, and in conjunction with treatment by my doctor and specialists, I am very optimistic that my health and quality of life will continue to improve!”


Q: What does your CBD routine look like? You don't have to share dosage if you don't want.

A: “I’ve gradually worked up to between 60-80 mg of CBD every day and I spread it out so I dose morning, noon, and before bed. I’m always rotating and trying different products because I love them all so much. However, currently, I use a combination of products that include the Extra Strength Gummies, the Calm CBD Complex Gummies, the Berry Swiftsticks, and the CBD Body Cream.” 


Q: In your words, what makes NextEvo Naturals stand out as the best CBD supplement brand?

A: “Well the elephant in the room, for me, when it comes to CBD, has always been: we don't absorb it well. So right off the bat, NextEvo Naturals has resolved the #1 issue for me in terms of hesitation about trying it. On top of that, their commitment to transparency in both publishing all testing done on the products, certificates of authenticity (COAs), and having the products checked four times for safety, quality, and potency before leaving the factory just shows me their commitment to providing the absolute best supplements.”


Q: Can you describe your experience with using NextEvo Naturals CBD products in terms of effectiveness and overall satisfaction?

A: “I love the products. The gummies are all very tasty. The Swiftsticks make me feel like a kid with a Pixie Stick again! And they work. I took them religiously every day, with food, for a month and documented how I was feeling day to day.

I not only saw improvements in the areas I was tracking, but I was also pleasantly surprised to see that I was also sleeping better and had more energy during the day! 

For me, managing my health challenges has become about trying to keep an even balance and preventing symptoms. A healthy diet, routine exercise, proper sleep, a treatment plan with my doctors, and the right supplements are all key parts of helping me keep an even keel these days.”


Q: Are there any misconceptions about CBD that you would like to address based on your personal experiences and knowledge?

A: “The first is that it gets you high. Even though it comes from the same plant as THC (aka Marijuana), it does not have psychoactive properties. In other words, taking it will not get you high.

Instead, it influences your endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for a lot of your bodily functions. I feel like CBD is a 'superfood' for my ECS, helping me maintain a better balance (homeostasis), and avoid acute responses (stress, inflammation, etc.).

The second misconception is the one I’ve spoken to before that CBD doesn’t work. It turns out, it’s oil-based CBD that doesn’t work because our bodies are mostly water, and therefore, require water-soluble compounds to absorb them properly. So, my advice if you think CBD doesn’t work for you would be to try NextEvo’s water soluble CBD.”


Q: As a NextEvo Naturals employee, how does it feel to be able to represent products you love and trust?

A: “I am thrilled to be able to create marketing content for a product that I actually use, love, and believe in. I think the fact that I believe in the products, and am personally invested in using them, comes through in my passion for my work here at NextEvo. I’m excited to continue helping get the word out about the capabilities of water-soluble CBD in improving patient health outcomes.”


Q: Are there any upcoming NextEvo Naturals CBD products that you're particularly excited about and why?

A: “Yes! The Watermelon Swiftsticks are launching very soon and I can’t wait to try them since I’m already a huge fan of the Berry Swiftsticks. Additionally, we just launched a Maximum Strength CBD Cream that has been next-level great at relieving sore muscles.”


Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering incorporating CBD into their wellness routine but may have reservations or questions?

A: “We have a wealth of information on this website, provided by experts and scientists, to help you learn all about CBD. If you’re completely new to it, I recommend checking out CBD 101. Then I recommend reading this blog which explains the difference between water-soluble CBD and oil-based CBD.

Then I recommend determining the proper dosage for you and selecting the right products for you, listed by type or by solution. And if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, we want to hear about them! Please reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to help you right away.” 

We appreciate Katie's willingness to share her personal CBD journey, which serves to extend our reach and educate more individuals about the remarkable potential of premium CBD supplements in enhancing the quality of life.

At NextEvo Naturals, we take pride in having CBD advocates like Katie as integral members of our team. Her authentic experience with CBD underscores the transformative power of plant-based supplements in enabling us to unleash our full potential and thrive at our optimal level.

Explore the life-changing benefits of CBD today and immerse yourself in the distinctive NextEvo Naturals experience.

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