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Health Benefits of CBD

Cream-based topical products can provide a soothing release from tension and help relax your body, which in turn reduces stress and can help boost sleep quality.


CBD oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper cap, and you can consume it in a variety of different ways. CBD cream, however, is applied topically (onto your skin). CBD creams can be water or oil-based.

A CBD topical cream is a product that can be applied directly to your skin. It can be water-based
or oil-based and has many different uses, including soothing the skin after a workout.

When you apply CBD cream, it doesn’t technically go into your system because it can’t enter your bloodstream. Instead, it stays on the skin.

CBD cream has a typical shelf life of one to two years. A good rule of thumb is to keep it in the refrigerator and always check the label.

The use of CBD can interact with many different types of medications. Some medications shouldn’t be taken with CBD creams. Talk to your doctor before you consume CBD alongside other long-term medications.

CBD doesn’t create any psychoactive effects, as opposed to THC which is also present in the cannabis plant. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel any disagreeable effects after having applied CBD cream, especially because it doesn’t penetrate through to your bloodstream. If you feel weird after applying CBD cream, try lowering the dosage next time or switching to another type of product.

The skin contains a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors, and when you apply CBD topically, it activates the endocannabinoid system through those receptors

Yes, you can use CBD cream with other products such as capsulesgummies and powder. But start with small amounts and build up gradually until you find the right levels for your body, and don’t exceed the recommended dosage.

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