Staff Spotlight: Adrienne James Enjoys Taking CBD to Calm Stress and Improve Focus

Staff Spotlight: Adrienne James Enjoys Taking CBD to Calm Stress and Improve Focus

At NextEvo Naturals, we’re lucky to have a team of dedicated individuals who not only have a profound belief in the potential of CBD but also personal, affirming testimonials to share. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Adrienne James, our talented Graphic Designer, who has discovered remarkable benefits through CBD.


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Getting to Know Adrienne

But first, let’s get to know Adrienne a little better...


Getting to Know Adrienne

Adrienne is a data-driven graphic designer and Midwest native currently based in Philadelphia.

When not spreading the word about CBD, she enjoys crocheting, reading, learning about plant medicine, eating good food, and spending time in nature.

Q: Can you share your personal CBD journey with us? How did you first discover CBD and what led you to incorporate it into your wellness routine?

A: “I first learned about CBD a few years ago, I did not try it until I joined NextEvo. I like to take the Stress Reset gummies in the morning after I get to work. They sit on my desk and it’s like a little treat.”


Q: What specific health or wellness goals were you hoping to achieve by using CBD, and have you seen any positive results since incorporating it into your routine?

A: “My goals were to reduce stress and increase focus, which CBD seems to help quite a bit with.”

Q: What does your CBD routine look like? Why are these your go-to products?

A: “I like to eat two Stress Reset gummies in the morning after I get to work. I usually have a couple of the berry gummies in the afternoon after lunch.”

Q: In your words, what makes NextEvo Naturals stand out as the best CBD supplement brand?

A: “The scientific evidence is unmatched! The absorption is fast, I don’t have to wait long to feel the calmness.”

Q: Aside from those you’ve already discussed, are there other NextEvo Naturals products you’ve found beneficial for your needs? 

A: “I always have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar places, so now I take Triple Action Sleep capsules to help me sleep when traveling and they have helped immensely! The addition of extended-release melatonin is great, it really helps me get through that part of the night when I often wake up. I also like to take the extra strength capsules when flying to help ease the nerves.”

Q: Can you describe your experience with using NextEvo Naturals CBD products in terms of effectiveness and overall satisfaction?

A: “They work great for me! I think the key is to make sure you are taking enough. I usually take 2 extra strength.”

Q: Are there any misconceptions about CBD that you would like to address based on your personal experiences and knowledge?

A: “I think people expect CBD to be like weed…it’s not. The effects are subtle. It’s not getting you high at all. Our formula has no THC. For me CBD settles the nerves, calms my racing mind. That’s what makes it work for stress. That’s what makes it work for sleeping, it’s the stressful thoughts that are keeping us awake.”

Q: As a NextEvo Naturals team member, how does it feel to be able to represent products you love and trust? 

A: “It feels great! CBD can really do wonders for people struggling with certain issues.”

Q: Are there any upcoming NextEvo Naturals CBD products that you're particularly excited about and why?

A: “I’ve tasted the upcoming watermelon Swiftsticks (launching in 2024), and they are gooood! I like the idea of taking these next time I travel, since they can be taken without water.” 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering incorporating CBD into their wellness routine but may have reservations or questions?

A: “Reach out on social media, we are always happy to answer any questions or reservations you may have! CBD is safe and has low occurrences of side effects."


At NextEvo Naturals, we are thrilled to have Adrienne James as a valued member of the NextEvo Naturals team. Her experience with CBD showcases the life-changing potential of our products. Adrienne’s passion and dedication in promoting our brand are truly inspiring.

Discover the transformative benefits of CBD today and experience the NextEvo Naturals difference for yourself. Browse our full line of products here.