Staff Spotlight: Jenna Zangrilli Loves CBD For Stress Relief and Muscle Recovery

Staff Spotlight: Jenna Zangrilli Loves CBD For Stress Relief and Muscle Recovery

At NextEvo Naturals, our team is comprised of passionate individuals who not only believe in the power of CBD but also have their own personal stories to share. In this team member spotlight, we are excited to introduce Jenna Zangrilli, our Social Media Manager, who has experienced transformative benefits with CBD.

But first, let’s get to know Jenna a little better...

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Getting to Know Jenna

Getting to Know Jenna

Jenna is a Jersey Shore native, proud mom to a one-year-old son, Enzo, and two fur babies, Tino and Ravioli.

When she's not helping to spread the word about the incredible benefits of CBD, Jenna enjoys working out, going to the beach, and baking. In fact, she is a skilled custom cookie decorator and used to run a small business called "@customcookiesbyjenna" during her time in Philadelphia.

Q: Can you share your personal CBD journey with us? How did you first discover CBD and what led you to incorporate it into your wellness routine?

A: “I actually didn’t start using CBD until I starting working at NextEvo Naturals. Once I learned all of the benefits of daily CBD use, I started taking our products every day and saw such an amazing difference in how my body handled stress. I won’t go a day without it now.”

Q: What specific health or wellness goals were you hoping to achieve by using CBD, and have you seen any positive results since incorporating it into your routine?

A: “When I’m stressed out, I can really feel it in my body, especially my back, and I noticed that when I started taking CBD, I didn’t feel the stress in my body like I did before. I also lift weights daily and workout regularly. With CBD I’ve noticed a huge difference in how less sore I was am now after hard workouts.”

Q: What does your CBD routine look like? Why are these your go-to products?

A: “I typically put one packet of the Caliper Flavorless Dissolvable Powder in my cappuccino in the morning and then I’ll take one of the Extra Strength Daily Wellness Premium CBD Gummies or a Caliper Berry Swiftstick in the afternoon. Personally, the Caliper Flavorless Dissolvable Powder is one of the most beneficial for me because you can put it in literally anything. I also love the gummies because they’ve become my sweet treat in the afternoon.”

Q: In your words, what makes NextEvo Naturals stand out as the best CBD supplement brand?

A: “The amount of research and development behind the products is unparalleled in our industry. After learning more about the CBD industry and how unregulated it is, I wouldn’t trust any other brand than NextEvo Naturals. The clinical studies speak for themselves. I’ve found NextEvo’s products to be extremely effective in helping with the physical effects of stress as well as muscle recovery for me. I am over the moon satisfied with our products.”

Q: Are there any misconceptions about CBD that you would like to address based on your personal experiences and knowledge?

A: “I think CBD is looked at as 1. Something that doesn’t actually work and 2. as having THC in it. Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that when you find a reputable brand with the amount of clinical data that we have, you can trust that the CBD is going to do what it’s meant to do. I also know that NextEvo tests all of its batches of CBD to ensure that there is no THC in any of our products.”

Q: As a NextEvo Naturals team member, how does it feel to be able to represent products you love and trust?

A: “I’m proud to represent NextEvo Naturals products and to be an advocate for the brand. I love what our products do for me and want to share those same results with the people in my life. If anyone even mentions CBD I jump out of my seat to tell them all about how amazing NextEvo Naturals is!”

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering incorporating CBD into their wellness routine but may have reservations or questions?

A: “Do it! But check with your doctor first and do your research. Make sure the brand your trying is trustworthy and has the studies and research to back up their claims. Also, DON’T USE CBD IN OIL FORM.”

At NextEvo Naturals, we are proud to have Jenna Zangrilli as a valuable member of our team. Her personal CBD journey exemplifies the positive impact our products can have on people's lives, and her enthusiasm and dedication in promoting our brand are truly commendable.

Experience the NextEvo Naturals difference today and discover the transformative benefits of CBD for yourself. See our full line of products here.