Water-soluble CBD 101: Oil-Based vs Water-Soluble

Not all cannabidiol (CBD) products are developed in the same way. If you look closely, you will see that some are oil-based, while others are water-soluble.

The Level

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From How It Feels to How Long It Lasts: What to Expect When You Take CBD
If you’re thinking of taking CBD, you will be wondering how exactly this supplement can affect you, both short term...
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Can CBD Improve Energy and Focus?
Learn more about how CBD can play a significant role in improving energy levels and increasing focus.
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Five Ways to Improve Your Immunity in Winter
Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to strengthen your immunity and skate through the winter illness free. 
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Top Five Things to Break Up With this Year
As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do, but we’re making it easier with tips on the top five things to break up with this year.
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Myth-busting Ways to Reinvigorate Your Work Life
We bust through some outdated career myths to help you take charge of your day and reinvigorate your work life. 
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traveling with cbd
Turning Travel Stress into Travel Bliss
Even in these changing times, there are ways to prevent travel anxiety from derailing your plans or taking the fun out of your trip. With some simple adjustments, you can turn travel stress back into travel bliss. 
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cbd for energy and focus
The World Is Your Oyster: 5 Ways to Level Up Your World
It’s a new year, and your chance to create a new path for yourself. When there’s uncertainty in the world at large, the best way to level up your world is to focus on what you can control.
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cbd fitness
Setting Goals For Success: How CBD Can Help You Achieve Resolutions
Resolutions are for the new year, not just for January, so it’s never too late to start, re-start, or amp up the goals you had in mind at the beginning of the year.
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cbd post workout
Healthy Habits to Level Up Your Wellness in 2022
The new year presents an opportunity to kick start some healthy habits, and level up your wellness game. 
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calm cbd
How to Reconnect by Disconnecting
While our online connections provide us with a world at our fingertips and a plethora of modern conveniences, they can also disconnect us from the value of real life experiences. 
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can you fly with cbd
Can I Fly With CBD?
CBD can help with travel-related wellness, from warding off jet lag to reducing stress about flying. Still, getting through airport security ...
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cbd for muscle recovery
CBD and Exercise Recovery: What to Know
With anti-inflammatory properties, CBD could be the secret to your post workout recovery. Discover the science behind CBD and muscle recovery ...
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cbd and cortisol
4 Functions of Cortisol in Your Body and What CBD's Got to Do With It
Cortisol, AKA the “stress hormone,” is involved in regulating a number of processes in the body. When cortisol levels are out of balance ...
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cbd for stress relief
How to Make Stress Your Friend
Stress often gets a bad rap, so it may surprise you that some stress can actually be good for you.
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cbd recovery
What Is Active Recovery? How to Add it to Your Workout Routine and Why
Active recovery is the missing link in getting the most out of your workouts. Learn what it is, how to do it and the science behind this strategy to help you get back to the gym sooner.
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cbd muscle recovery
The Best Foods and Natural Remedies for Muscle Soreness
What you eat and how you move can hugely improve your muscle soreness after a workout. Discover the best foods for muscle soreness plus other strategies science says can leave you feeling better after a workout, and get you back to the gym sooner.
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cbd for sleep
How to Become a Morning Person: 7 Ways to Start Your Day With More Energy
Not everyone is naturally an early bird, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to become a morning person. Just a few lifestyle changes can be the key to turning not only your mornings around but improving your entire day.
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endocannabinoid system and cbd
A Beginner's Guide to the Endocannabinoid System
The endocannabinoid system is one of the most important regulators in your body. Read on for an “endocannabinoid system 101” guide where we cover what you want to know about the ECS.
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cbd for stress
Stress and Resilience: Beneficial Ways to Decrease Stress and Be More Mentally Resilient
Cultivating stress resilience can help you respond to and handle stress.
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best way to absorb cbd
Meet the New Technology That Helps Make CBD Better
Does CBD work? With too many products of questionable quality or design, it’s no wonder that the effectiveness of CBD has been debated. Read on to learn about the innovative CBD technology that’s redefining the potential of CBD benefits.
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cbd sleep
Waking Up Tired? Why It Happens and What to Do About It
Sometimes, despite getting your recommended 8 hours of sleep, you’re still tired after waking up. As frustrating as this can feel, there are many possible reasons for why this may be happening — and just as many solutions.
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CBD Guide
A Beginner's Guide to the Endocannabinoid System