Should Parents Take CBD?

Should Parents Take CBD? - NextEvo Naturals

We’ll get right to the point and say YES! Parents should absolutely enjoy the benefits of CBD. THC-free CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it won’t make you high or “out of it.” On the contrary, CBD can help parents maintain the physical stamina and mental alertness they need to be at their parenting best. Read on to learn more about how CBD helps parents. 

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress -Worrying and parenting go hand in hand, and when normal parental anxiety is added to other daily stressors, it can accumulate into parenting overwhelm. CBD has been shown in early studies to help reduce stress and anxiety, and the World Health Organization has stated that CBD does not have addictive qualities, - which means parents can take it without dependency concerns.  
  2. Improves sleep - What parent doesn’t need a better night’s sleep?? Whether it’s waking up for a 3 a.m. feeding or staying up until a teenager’s curfew, sleep often takes a backseat to parental duties, and it becomes even more important to sleep well whenever possible. CBD helps calm the nervous system to make it easier to sleep. Even better, NextEVO Naturals Triple Action CBD Sleep contains a combination of CBD and controlled-release melatonin to help parents fall and stay asleep. 
    1. Soothes pain - Trying to manage pain while taking care of children is a tough assignment. CBD helps reduce inflammation and supports your body’s natural healing abilities. Parents can also take CBD proactively after a workout or a long stressful day, to help prevent aches and pains from popping up. 
    2. Improves focus - Parents are busy people, and their To-Do lists can seem endless. While parents aim for the ideal of being a “present parent,” it can be hard to reduce outside distractions or calm a racing mind. CBD helps support and strengthen mental clarity, so it’s easier to focus and give kids your full, undivided attention. 
    3. Regulates your health - Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates important functions that underpin overall health. Learning and memory, cardiovascular functions, the immune system, and mood are just a few of the areas the ECS is responsible for modulating. CBD helps support your ECS, which in turn supports myriad internal processes. While additional research is needed, there is strong evidence that CBD plays an important role in long-term well-being.

    Of course, nursing or pregnant parents should speak with a doctor before taking any supplement, and CBD is not a substitute for medical care. It’s also important to choose a CBD option that’s tested and regulated. All of NextEvo Natural’s products are subject to scientific rigor, including clinical studies and third-party testing in an independent lab.

    With CBD’s many benefits and NextEvo’s industry-leading standards of quality, parents can enjoy the support of CBD with peace of mind too. PS - NextEvo Natural’s Subscribe & Save option lets you automate your CBD orders, so it’s one less thing on a busy parent’s To-Do list!