How to Stay Focused on Work In The Summer Months

How to Stay Focused on Work In The Summer Months - NextEvo Naturals

The days are long, the sunshine is calling, but work deadlines remain. If you find yourself more distracted during the summer months, you’re not alone.  Business Insider reported that workers are 45% more distracted in summer, and productivity suffers as a result. Here are some tips to stay focused on work, even in the peak of summer. 

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    Take Strategic Breaks
    Know Your Focus-Busters
    Give Your Brain a Boost
    Sleep Easy
    Schedule Time Off
  1. Take Strategic Breaks

     It may seem counterintuitive, but taking short, strategic breaks can help your focus. The Pomodoro Technique helps people manage their time and focus by breaking the day into 25 minute periods of work followed by a 5 minute break. When you know you only have to focus for 25 minutes, it’s much easier to stay on track than when you tell yourself you have to focus for eight hours straight. 
  2. Know Your Focus-Busters

    Pay attention to what distracts you the most. If it’s summer sounds outside your window that pull your focus, listen to soft music or employ a sound machine to drown them out. If it’s the sight of the sun streaming through the window, consider sitting outside while you work (if you have the space), or stepping outside a few times a day so you don’t feel like you’re missing the summer warmth. 
  3. Give Your Brain a Boost

    You don’t need to force focus by sheer will alone. Supplements like fish oil and Gingko biloba are known to support general brain health over the long term. CBD can also help you focus in multiple ways. It helps balance your nervous system, and it can alleviate distractors like chronic pain. Try poppable NextEvo Naturals Extra Strength Premium Pure CBD chewable mints for a convenient way to support focus. 
  4. Sleep Easy

    If you find your mind wandering more often during the summer, the last thing you need is the added grogginess that comes from too little sleep. Make sure you prioritize your sleep schedule, and get the rest you need to be alert and energetic in the morning. For extra help  falling and staying asleep, stock up on NextEvo Naturals Triple Action Sleep. 
  5. Schedule Time Off

     All work and no play can make it harder to concentrate. Build in some time off to enjoy some summer fun, whether it’s knocking off early for an afternoon, or planning a getaway vacation. It’s easier to crank out the work you need to finish when you know you have upcoming play time to look forward to.