NextEvo Naturals Announces Improved Berry Flavor for Caliper Berry Swiftsticks

NextEvo Naturals Announces Improved Berry Flavor for Caliper Berry Swiftsticks

[1/23/24] [9:00 a.m. est| Source: NextEvo, Inc. 


CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, [DATE] (INSERT PUBLICATION) -- NextEvo Naturals (“NextEvo™” or the “Company”), a premium supplement brand focused on revolutionizing the delivery of nutritional compounds, today announced the newly improved berry flavor in their Caliper Berry Swiftstick. 

Each Caliper Berry Swiftstick delivers a perfectly precise 20mg of CBD with a newly improved, delicious berry flavor that will have you feeling like a kid again. Need an afternoon boost but tired of late-day caffeine keeping you up at night? Caliper Swiftsticks are the answer! Just sprinkle it on your tongue and let it dissolve.  

These delightful sweet treats can be kept in the kitchen, handbag, pocket, or suitcase; no measuring, no mess. As always, our products contain 0.0% THC, and are GMO-free and vegan. 

The water-soluble CBD powder used in our Berry Swiftsticks also feature our proprietary Smartsorb™ delivery technology, proven to increase the bioavailability of CBD so that more gets into your system, starting in as little as 10 minutes. Ultimately, this allows four times the amount of CBD to be delivered to your body, versus other brands who typically use an oil-based CBD resulting in very poor absorption.  

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NextEvo Naturals is a premium supplement brand that has found a new way to revolutionize the delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) and other nutritional compounds by creating formulations that increase the compound’s potential benefits and consumer value. Led by medical professionals and former scientists from large reputable companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, and Schiff Nutrition, NextEvo Naturals aims to bridge the gap between the current low-quality CBD offerings on the market and the future of CBD supplements with proprietary technology and evidence-based data. 

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