Are We There Yet? How to Take the Stress Out of Travel

Are We There Yet? How to Take the Stress Out of Travel - NextEvo Naturals

There’s nothing like a great vacation, but getting there can be a hassle. When people say they love to travel, what they really mean is they love the destination - not the travel process itself. Long security lines, delayed flights, and lost luggage can test the limits of any traveler’s patience. Here’s a breakdown of ways to improve your travel experience - and how CBD can help. 


CBD to the Rescue

CBD smooths out the rough edges of travel by:

  • Easing Travel Anxiety:  In a Forbes Health survey, more than half of people who take CBD said they did so to help with anxiety. Since few trips are completely anxiety-free, CBD is a welcome travel companion. 
  • Fighting Jet Lag: Jumping time zones can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms, including your levels of cortisol. Since CBD helps regulate and reduce cortisol, it can ease the disorienting effects of jet lag. 
  • Supporting Sleep: It can be harder to sleep away from the comforts of home..NextEvo Naturals Triple Action Sleep includes calming CBD and both fast-acting and timed-release melatonin, to help you fall and stay asleep anywhere. 
  • Soothing Aches & Pains: Sore shoulders from your heavy carry-on bag? Stiff neck from your aunt’s lumpy guest bed? CBD can help soothe the minor aches, pains, and inflammation associated with travel. 
  • Calming the Nervous System: Your nervous system has a lot to adjust to when traveling. While new sights, sounds, and tastes may be positive experiences, they still make your system work overtime to adjust to it all. CBD can pitch in to help. 

Airline Travel Survival Kit 

CBD helps your body and mind during travel, but you can improve your experience even more with smart packing. Here are five things to pack in your carry-on bag to upgrade your travel experience. 

  • Noise-canceling headphones: Standard issue headphones are fine, but splurging for the noise-canceling kind can drown out the sounds of wailing babies or your seat neighbors’ conversations. 
  • Snacks and a water bottle: Airlines do provide basic snacks, but when there is turbulence,the FAA requires cabin crew to stay seated, and they may miss the window to offer service. Same thing if you’re stuck on the tarmac waiting for a congested runway to clear. 
  • An extra layer: Airplane temperatures are unpredictable. A packable sweatshirt, pashmina, or travel blanket can help make travel more comfortable when an arctic blast of air is blowing down on your seat. 
  • Back-up entertainment: There are plenty of in-flight entertainment options - when they work. The system can crash for one seat and not others, and you get the pleasure of staring at a frozen screen on a full flight while your neighbors enjoy their movies. 
  • Travel CBD: Pre-flight CBD can help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the travel process. NextEvo Naturals Premium Pure CBD Travel Packs include individually wrapped CBD capsules that slip easily into a travel bag. And yes - you can fly with CBD. :) 


We wish you safe and happy travels!