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Can I Fly With CBD?

Can I Fly With CBD? - NextEvo Naturals

What you need to know about CBD and travel.

CBD can help with travel-related wellness, from warding off jet lag to reducing stress about flying. Still, getting through airport security is already complicated enough without worrying about getting pulled out of line by a TSA officer. The good news is CBD is travel friendly. But just like traveling with laptops and liquids, there are guidelines that make the process smoother and easier. Here’s the rundown on flying with CBD. 

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What you need to know about CBD and travel.
The Basics
Best Practices

The Basics

  • You can fly within the U.S. with CBD products that contain less than .3 percent THC, or that are approved by the FDA. 
  • CBD products need to comply with all other TSA rules. For example, CBD in liquid form would need to be three ounces or less. 
  • The TSA has no way to test products at an airport to make sure they do not have THC. Make it easier on them – and yourself – by following best practices for carrying CBD.


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Best Practices

  • Make the THC-free easy to seekeep outer packaging or a print-out that makes it clear your CBD has less than .3 percent THC.

  • Know your state – while you can fly domestically to all 50 states with CBD, you may want to take precautions when flying to states where marijuana is still heavily restricted. Not everyone understands the differences between CBD and marijuana, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for questions. 

  • Know your country – the game changes when flying internationally. Possessing CBD is legal in some countries, restricted in others, and flat out illegal in some. It’s best to check the regulations of the country you’re traveling to before bringing CBD aboard. 

  • Use common sense– treat CBD the way you would treat prescription medications - securely packed, out of children’s reach, and so on.
  • Use travel packs NextEvo Naturals Extra Strength Premium Pure Travel Packs include individually wrapped, single-dose CBD in secure packaging. All NextEvo Naturals products are 100% THC-free and travel-ready. 

CBD can take the edge off travel stress, as well as supplement a general health and wellness regimen. With these tips on CBD and air travel, you can enjoy the benefits even when away from home.