Smarter, powerful dissolvable CBD.

Explore our dissolvable CBD dissolvable powders, offering a versatile and convenient way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle.

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Next Evo CBD Dissolvable Products

NextEvo Naturals provides a convenient and versatile option for incorporating CBD into your routine with our dissolvable CBD powder.

Made from premium, US grown hemp, our powder is designed to be easily dissolved in any food or beverage of your choice- hot or cold. With precise dosing and fast-acting effects, our dissolvable CBD powder allows you to tailor your CBD intake to your individual needs.

It's a perfect solution for those seeking relief from a variety of concerns, such as stress, lack of focus, poor sleep, or quicker muscle recovery.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

When starting a CBD regimen, we recommend beginning with 10-20mg of CBD per day for the first week to ensure it is well tolerated.

You can then gradually increase your daily dose by increments of 5mg until you find your optimal dose, depending on what feels best for you.

See Our Dosage Guide

How to Calibrate Your CBD Dosage

  • Determine your body weight
  • Start with 1-6mg for every 10lbs of body weight
  • Increase dose incrementally by 5-10mg at a time
  • Keep a journal to track your dosage and its effects

Health Benefits of Dissolvable CBD Powder

CBD powders can be added to food, hot, or cold drinks. These are easy to use and can be combined in various ways to provide all the benefits of CBD. Taking CBD with food can enhance its bioavailability, enhancing your wellbeing in the following ways:


Adding CBD powder to your food or drink is a tasty and convenient way of getting your daily dose, whilst also enjoying a delicious meal or treat. Or you can sprinkle sachets straight into your mouth to take CBD on the go.

Be mindful of how much CBD you add to your food or drink. Always read the label to understand how much CBD is in each serving, then measure it carefully to ensure you’re using the correct amount. Sachets will already have a precisely measured dose in them.

Absolutely! One of the best ways to take our flavorless CBD Powder, is to put it in your favorite coffee, shake, or mocktail! Check out these yummy CBD infused drink recipes.

Both flavored CBD Powder Swiftsticks and CBD Gummies deliver the same type of water soluble CBD.

The real difference is in the preference of delivery. CBD Powder Swiftsticks taste like sugar powder sticks, like the ones we used to get when we were all kids. They really are the healthy adult version of sugar stixs.

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