How to Increase Oral CBD Bioavailability

How to Increase Oral CBD Bioavailability - NextEvo Naturals

There isn’t really a single method of increasing the bioavailability of CBD. You can, however, optimize your method of administration to ensure you receive your ideal dose of CBD.

The bioavailability of CBD is determined by product formulation, which form of CBD you choose, and how you choose to consume it.

For CBD to be effective, a reasonable percentage of the compound has to enter the bloodstream.

We will take you through some common methods of how you can increase the bioavailability of CBD when consuming orally.



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Take CBD with a Meal
Water-Soluble CBD
 Use Supplemental Herbs
  •  Black Pepper
  •  Chamomile Flowers
  • Piperine
Supplemental Terpenes
Increase CBD Concentration
Choose High-Quality Premium CBD
The Bottom Line

Take CBD with a Meal

According to this study , snacks or meals that have a high-fat content work as a binding agent to help significantly increase oral CBD bioavailability.

Due to the fat-soluble nature of CBD, food that is high in fat can help the body increase the amount of CBD absorbed, improving overall bioavailability up to four times by in some cases.

You can find many high-fat snacks or meals products that will help to increase the bioavailability rate of your CBD even more when combined with CBD. There are also CBD-infused foods available on the market.

If you plan on consuming CBD, then you should consider taking them with high-fat snacks or meals with healthy sources of fat.


Nut Butters (Almond/Peanut Butters)


Baked Goods/Cookies





Omega-3-rich Fish

High-Fat Oils (Hemp Seed, Olive & Coconut)



As well as helping to solubilize CBD and enhance absorption, this method is also thought to help slow the rate in which CBD leaves the body.

When consumed on an empty stomach, CBD has been found to leave the body up to 9 times quicker  than CBD consumed with a meal.

Water-Soluble CBD

As mentioned before, CBD is a fat-soluble compound (as are most cannabis compounds). However, while this is usually the case for regular oil-based oral CBD, there are now a few exceptions to this rule.

Innovations in cannabis science have developed CBD products that have undergone a process of emulsification to allow our bodies to process more CBD. This means that the CBD is more water-miscible, or some say water-soluble.

This works by increasing the overall surface of a dose and encapsulating or emulsifying it in another water-soluble material. These are then broken down into nanoparticles, which in turn makes them more bioavailable than larger CBD droplets or particles.

The emulsified CBD is preferentially absorbed within the small intestine by the lymphatic system which is integral to how the human body absorbs oil-based nutrients and vitamins. The CBD ultimately ends up in the blood stream but avoids the “first pass effect” thus resulting in an overall higher blood concentration than with standard oil-based formulas.

Consequently, as water-soluble molecules are more easily absorbed through the body’s cell membranes, this eliminates the “first-pass effect” and potentially allows a greater concentration of CBD that can quickly enter the bloodstream.

Increasing the bioavailability of certain CBD products, and ultimately their value, requires manufacturers to make CBD that is water-soluble. If a CBD supplement does not disperse well in water, the body won’t get enough of the compound. The body will then have a tough time processing the CBD and providing the desired benefits.

 The SmartSorb™ Solution

Taking an innovative approach to CBD technology revolutionizes the speed at which CBD can get to work and how easily it is absorbed into the body.

To overcome the limitations of oil-based CBD products, we developed our proprietary SmartSorb™ Technology. We use emulsion technology that is supported by research-backed science on enhancing bioavailability.

Our oral CBD products allow the body to absorb CBD faster when compared to oil-based CBD products - getting to work in as little as 10 minutes.

This emulsion is optimized for precise delivery and timing, so that more of it gets into your body, working faster than oil-based CBD formulations.

One capsule of NextEvo Premium Pure CBD with SmartSorb™ Technology is equivalent to 4x the amount of CBD in oil-based formulations.




Better absorption means you can get more of the benefits of CBD without taking more than your body needs - allowing you to push boundaries and take on the challenges of your day with calm and ease.

Click here  to learn more about our SmartSorb™ formula - the perfect starting point for achieving next-level wellness.

 Try CBD Powder

Alternatively, you can purchase CBD dissolvable powder that is clean, pure and water-soluble. CBD powder is a fast-acting option that can be sprinkled onto any food or beverage - or try swift sticks that you can pour directly on your tongue for easy CBD support on-the-go.

Available in flavored or unflavored 20mg packets. Delivers 30x more CBD in the first 30 minutes compared to regular oil-based products.


 Caliper & NextEvo Naturals partner for smarter, more powerful dissolvable CBD. Caliper CBD Dissolvable Powder mixes quickly and cleanly in any food or beverage, hot or cold. Comes in a flavorless option - or try Caliper Swift Sticks in a delicious berry flavor. Super easy. Super convenient.

 Use Supplemental Herbs

It is thought that by combining the natural properties of CBD with supplemental herbs, this can create synergistic benefits that may help to increase bioavailability, as well as potentially aid in enhancing overall well-being.

 Black Pepper

Black pepper contains many terpenes and notable compounds of its own that have beneficial properties.

One study suggests these beneficial properties can help increase CBD bioavailability in a variety of ways

 Chamomile Flowers

Chamomile flowers are rich in apigenin  - a compound that prevents the CBD that’s produced naturally in your body from breaking down. This compound can be found in celery, oregano, parsley and dark chocolate.


An alkaloid unique to turmeric and black pepper, piperine is commonly used in supplements and has been seen to increase CBD bioavailability by decreasing the metabolic effects of the liver

The intestinal lining has transporter molecules that piperine helps to stimulate, which may help to speed up the absorption of CBD through the intestinal membrane to reach the bloodstream.

Once piperine is absorbed, it is thought to inhibit the enzymes that degrade and destroy CBD - allowing the supplement to travel around the body to where it can be used.

In fact, one study  found that oral CBD supplements formulated with piperine potentially resulted in six times the CBD concentration in the blood compared to the same CBD supplement without piperine.

Supplemental Terpenes

Terpenes are plant compounds found in all kinds of plants including the hemp plant.

Terpenes are a core component of essential oils and are mostly responsible for creating the aromas and flavors of herbs and fruits. They are commonly used for flavoring many food products like gummies and drinks.

They are also said to be incredibly versatile with various potential beneficial properties  such as complementing the mood supporting effects  of CBD, as well as helping to supplement the treatment of some pain after exercise.

Different terpenes have differing properties, and with over 200 terpenes in the hemp plant, there are several terpenes that can potentially help with any symptoms being treated with CBD products.

Because terpenes are lipids, they can also help to break down fat-soluble CBD into smaller molecules and increase CBD bioavailability


Alpha-Pinene Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) Limonene
  • Enhances alertness and memory.
  • Smells like pine and is most prominent in sage, black pepper, coniferous trees, juniper, eucalyptus, and rosemary.
  • Found to be extremely useful in supporting mood and reducing muscle soreness, especially following exercise.
  • Commonly found in rosemary, lavender, and black pepper.
  • Carries a strong lemon smell and is being studied as an terpene with antioxidant properties, for use post exercise.
  • Found in lemons, lemongrass, and grapefruits.
Linalool Menthol Myrcene
  • A powerful anti-stress terpene that creates an effect due to being a glutamate antagonist.
  • Boosts GABA signals to reduce stress and excitability.
  • When used with CBD, it can have a calming effect and help with occasional sleeplessness.
  • Rich in antioxidant properties.
  • Thought to increase by making cell membranes more permeable to CBD.
  • Many CBD tinctures and balms have menthol in the form of peppermint oil.
  • Found in spearmint, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
  • Known for its antioxidant properties, particularly for post exercise.
  • Some evidence suggests that it can assist cannabinoids in absorption across the blood-brain barrier, but more research is needed in terms of bioavailability.
  • Can be found in lemongrass, hops, and mangoes.


The inclusion of terpenes combined with CBD and other cannabinoids is thought to have the ability to produce the “entourage effect”.

This is when the combined ingredients and compounds work in synergy with each other to blend their potential properties and enhance them

However, there is little documented evidence supporting this and in fact, more evidence points to isolated CBD being a favored option, with high-quality CBD Isolate products found to be over 99% pure CBD  in many cases.

Increase CBD Concentration

One easy way to increase the amount of CBD absorbed is to use a higher concentration of your go-to product.

While this doesn’t necessarily increase its absorption, it does mean more milligrams of CBD will enter your bloodstream.

CBD concentration (or strength) is based on the per serving amount of CBD in a product. Reputable CBD manufacturers will always indicate serving size on the label of the product. By looking under the product information, you can usually find how much CBD you will receive per serving.

This method is a commonly used solution for lower-quality CBD. However, be cautious that purchasing lower quality CBD and increasing your concentration is a very costly and wasteful method.

Choose High-Quality Premium CBD

Reputable CBD manufacturers will make data about their CBD products easily accessible, and make it easy for you to understand the bioavailability info of their products. It’s important to choose products that are able to consistently deliver on their promises.

Upgrading to a high-quality premium CBD product will allow more CBD ingredients to be quickly delivered to your system and a greater concentration per dose - all while maximizing the chances of experiencing any potential therapeutic effects.


NextEvo Naturalsis different from any other CBD you’ve tried. Take a look at our range of edible and topical products. We’re sure you’ll love 4x better absorption through our SmartSorb™ Technology.

The Bottom Line

Even though there are many ways to increase CBD oral bioavailability, the research on how CBD is processed by the body is still in its early stages.

Keep in mind that any bioavailability rates that were achieved are tested by expert researchers trained in administering the precise doses required in scientific study.

Your experience administering CBD may vary, but you can still refer to this page if you are in need of guidance on your oral CBD experience.

Although the effects of CBD will be different for each individual, knowing the different levels and ways of increasing CBD oral bioavailability will help you make an informed decision on what CBD to buy and how best to use it - as well as the appropriate dosage for your needs.

If in doubt, a knowledgeable health care professional can help guide you to the best options for your specific health goals.

For further information about CBD, our complete guide to CBD  is a great place to learn more.


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