Which is the Most Stressed Generation?

Which is the Most Stressed Generation? - NextEvo Naturals

Does the generation gap apply to stress? Gen Z, Gen X, Millennial or Boomer - everyone has some degree of stress in their life. There are indeed some generational differences in the levels of and reasons behind the stress. Read on to see where your generation stands. 

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Collective Stress
Generational Stress
Managing Stress

Collective Stress

No doubt about it, we humans have had a lot to deal with the past few years, and it’s taken its toll on mental and physical wellness. 

  • 84% of Americans report being stressed at least once a week in 2022 (ValuePenguin survey)
  • 63% of people say their lives have been forever changed by the pandemic (American Psychological Association) 
  • 44% of people report they’ve developed unhealthy habits to deal with stress in the last few years, such as over eating, consuming more unhealthy foods, or drinking more alcohol (American Psychological Association) 

Perhaps we should all collectively take some Stress Reset Extra Strength Ashwagandha Gummies before reading on! 

Generational Stress

As for the most stressed generation, while the answers vary by year and by type of poll or survey, younger people typically report more levels of stress than their older counterparts. 

In 2020, when asked to rate their stress level on a scale of 1-10, the younger the generation, the higher their reported stress. (American Psychological Association)

  • Gen Z: 6.1
  • Millennials: 5.6
  • Gen X: 5.2
  • Baby Boomers: 4.0
  • Older Adults: 3.3

Results of the 2021 and 2022 surveys were largely consistent across age groups.  

Managing Stress

Not all stress is bad, but stress that’s left unchecked can accumulate and become harmful over time. These tips can help you manage daily stressors before they take a toll. 

  • Talk it out: One reason younger people report more stress is they have less experience dealing with major world events. For example, Baby Boomers have lived through wars, economic crises, and social unrest in past decades. Talking with people from outside your generation can help provide context to current events. 
  • Write it out: Writing out thoughts related to stressful events is one of the most effective ways to manage day-to-day stress across age groups. 
  • Soothe it: To manage stress from the inside out, keep Premium Pure Extra Strength CBD Capsules on hand. It soothes your nervous system with stress-fighting CBD, and is clinically proven to have 4x better absorption than oil-based formulations.  That’s welcome news for any generation!