What is the Fastest Way to Feel the Effects of CBD?

What is the Fastest Way to Feel the Effects of CBD? - NextEvo Naturals

It's not uncommon for consumers to be curious about how fast the effects of CBD will kick in upon consuming the substance. Unfortunately, the answer is tricky since it depends on how you take your CBD; capsules, edibles, drops, etc.

Essentially, the method of consumption determines how quickly you get the desired effect, which allows for different pleasurable experiences. Consumers can explore different ways to take the substance, creating variety and finding the most enjoyable method.


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What are the most common ways of taking CBD?
  • Oral Administration
  • Topical Administration
Which Factors Influence the Effects of CBD?
  • Food Consumption
  • Body Weight
  • Other Medications/Supplements
How to Make CBD Work Faster
  • Take CBD With Fatty Foods
  •  Supplement with Herbs
  • Try Water-Soluble CBD
  • Use SmartSorb™ Technology
  • Take the Right Dosage
What Should I Look for in a CBD Product?
Lab-Tested CBD Products
Speak to a Professional

To better understand how quickly CBD can take effect, this article will provide comprehensive information on each consumption method alongside some tips to speed up the process.

What are the most common ways of taking CBD?

Whether you're a beginner or a pro at consuming CBD, understanding the different administration methods is an effective way to experience the substance pleasurably. Here are some ways to take CBD along with the benefits of each option:

Oral Administration

Ingesting CBD orally is one standard method for consuming the supplement; it passes through the digestive tract and visits the liver for processing, followed by the expected effect. However, it's worth noting that taking CBD this way subjects it to something called the "first pass effect."

The first pass effect is a biological phenomenon where a substance gets metabolized at a specific location in the body; however, this also reduces the substance’s concentration upon reaching its destination. Nevertheless, it remains potent and provides a pleasurable experience.

Furthermore, once the liver and digestive tract break down the ingested CBD, the substance enters the bloodstream and takes effect. The entire process can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours with most products; however, with NextEvo oral CBD, it begins to happen in as little as 15 minutes, thanks to SmartSorb technology.

Keep in mind that while oral administration is practical, other factors like age, weight, and prescription medications may impact absorption speed. Nevertheless, the effects typically last longer and feel stronger.

Pros of Oral CBD

  • Convenience: Adding CBD to food, drinks, or even in capsules/gummies allows you to consume the cannabinoid in complete privacy
  • Taste: CBD edibles don't carry the earthy or weedy taste, allowing you to mix them with almost anything.
  • Easy to Use: Items containing CBD like gummies take no special preparation to consume; throw one into your mouth. No dosage or rigorous measurement is required.
  • Longer-Lasting Effects: Compared to other CBD types, oral CBD may offer a longer-lasting and cumulative effect on your body.

Cons of Oral CBD

  • Longer Onset Time: oral administration takes longer for the body to absorb; therefore, if you want something much faster, this method isn't for you.
  • Bioavailability: This method sometimes results in CBD going through the digestive tract without making it to the bloodstream. However, you can opt for a water-soluble CBD formula since the body quickly absorbs them.

Topical Administration

Topical administration is a fantastic way to nourish your skin with CBD's health benefits. Essentially, this application method is primarily cosmetic since the substance doesn't get to the bloodstream, unlike oral consumption.

Since applying CBD Topically doesn't subject it to the first-pass effect, your skin can enjoy the benefits of this with unhindered concentration.

As for psychological effects, this method provides none since the substance doesn't reach the bloodstream.

Ultimately, with a vast range of Topical available, you can add CBD creams into your cosmetics routine in any way you desire. However, like many cosmetic items, you need a consistent application to achieve the maximum effect of a CBD Topical.

Pros of Topical Administration

  • Diversity: Topicals come in various variants, including creams, balms, lotions, and serums.
  • Supportive ingredients: CBD cosmetics often contain other natural skin-nourishing ingredients that work alongside the cannabinoid. Some examples include Shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E.

Cons of Topical Administration

  • Skin-Deep: Topically applied CBD doesn’t reach the bloodstream, presenting any mental effect. However, the skin features a wealth of cannabinoid receptors that regulate skin health.

Which Factors Influence the Effects of CBD?

While the method of consumption determines the absorption rate, other factors greatly influence the effectiveness of CBD, positively and negatively. These elements include your lifestyle, food, body type, and more.

Below are the factors that influence the effect of CBD:

Food Consumption

The meals you consume play an important role in how quickly you feel the effects of CBD. A good example is fatty foods, as research from the University of Minnesota has shown that CBD experiences acceleration of its absorption.

The study involved administering CBD capsules to consumers after breakfast containing 800 calories, 600 primarily fat. The results showed the CBD levels in the blood grew 14 times more than when consumed without food.

The study concluded that high-fat meals catalysed increasing overall absorption into the bloodstream. It's one of many scientific observations regarding the interaction between CBD and certain meals.

Body Weight

Cannabidiol, the chemical derived from CBD plants, is a fat-soluble compound, which means you can store it in the body's fat cells. Therefore, body weight plays a role in the metabolic rate of CBD.

People with smaller builds and a lower percentage of body fat will feel the effects of CBD for extended periods than those with more body fat. This fact also affects the CBD dosage level since bigger individuals will need to take more than average to experience the mental pleasures associated with the consumption.

While bigger individuals need more dosage than their smaller counterparts, it's worth mentioning that the human body can build a tolerance to CBD. So, if you need to increase your dosage, consider abstaining from the substance to reset your system and resume a standard dosage.

Other Medications/Supplements

Many medications and supplements are broken down in the body by the liver, like CBD, and taking them alongside your medication can drastically affect the concentration. This is because CBD and your medication compete in the liver for enzymes. This process reduces how much is broken down and transferred to your bloodstream.

This phenomenon is called "Altered concentration" and can result in your medication or CBD not working and a risk of increased side effects.

Ultimately, it's best to lay off CBD during any medication as the interaction between both chemicals is unpredictable and can produce dangerous results. However, consult a specialist for professional advice if you wish to use the substance alongside other supplements.

How to Make CBD Work Faster

Now that you understand the primary factors that influence CBD absorption and the methods for the best bioavailability, it's worth exploring other ways to speed up the process. So if you're looking to consume CBD and enjoy the pleasurable experience it provides, try one of the options listed below:

Take CBD With Fatty Foods

Taking CBD with food increases overall absorption. One of such foods that promote faster bioavailability is fatty foods.

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble molecules, meaning they can be dissolved in fat for faster and more accessible transportation through the body. Therefore, when you combine your CBD supplements with fatty foods and snacks ensures quick absorption.

Some recommended foods for better bioavailability include:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fatty Fish
  • Avocadoes
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Cheese

 Supplement with Herbs

Another effective way to improve the bioavailability of CBD is with specific herbs, as these items contain what's needed to speed up the absorption rate. For example, Piperine is considered a natural absorption enhancer, with several studies confirming its ability to influence bioavailability.

Therefore, you can include this herbal compound and others in your CBD routine for maximum efficacy. Some other options worth considering include Turmeric and Apigenin.

Try Water-Soluble CBD

Naturally, CBD doesn't easily mix with water, which significantly affects its bioavailability. However, opting for the water-soluble variant eliminates this factor and quickens the absorption rate exponentially.

This method reduces the supplement's lipophilic nature, making it easier to bond with water and travel seamlessly into the bloodstream. As a result, it's one of the most effective ways to feel the effects of CBD.

Use SmartSorb™ Technology

As previously mentioned, CBD is lipophilic, meaning it's oil-based and doesn't combine with water effectively. Therefore, over 90% of the CBD you take can be discarded by your body throughout the digestive process.

However, with SmartSorbTM Technology, you can improve the bioavailability of CBD and make it work with your body. Fundamentally, this technology converts CBD to a more water-soluble emulsion, allowing most of it to enter your body and work faster within 10 minutes.

Furthermore, one capsule of NextEvo Premium Pure CBD with Smartsorb™ is equivalent to 4x the amount of CBD in oil-based formulations. So it's worth your while.

Take the Right Dosage

Like any other supplement CBD dosage depends on many factors like age, body weight, desired outcome, and more. Therefore, to experience the optimal effect of CBD on your body, consider taking the appropriate dodge.

For beginners with no experience with CBD, it's best to start with a low dosage to understand the substance and get your body used to it. Then, feel free to read our CBD Dosage Chart to get the correct dosage.

If you are using edibles or adding CBD to your meals, then your CBD strength dosage can be quoted as the total for the entire product. However, it would be best to calculate the dosage yourself, which our table can help guide you.

What Should I Look for in a CBD Product?

With many methods for acquiring CBD, it's essential to understand what factors make a product healthy, pleasurable, and worth your experience. However, the technical aspects are complicated to outline briefly, but you can save time by the option of CBD products tested in the lab.

Lab-Tested CBD Products

Since the FDA doesn't currently regulate CBD products, it's important to ensure whatever you're buying has been lab-tested by a third party. This ensures that you understand what you're putting into or on your body as lab-tested CBD will reveal the properties like concentration of heavy metals, weight, type, and other necessary factors.

It's the best way to acquire top-quality CBD and verify that it does precisely what the package says.

Speak to a Professional

CBD consumption presents multiple benefits that frequent users enjoy, and the mode of consumption largely determines how quickly the substance flows into your bloodstream. However, before trying CBD, you should also talk to your doctor, especially if you’re currently on any medication. Doing so ensures you're safe and enjoying CBD to the maximum.