Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Sobrinksi Praises CBD For Helping Her Do “All The Things”

Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Sobrinksi Praises CBD For Helping Her Do “All The Things”

At NextEvo Naturals, we’re dedicated to exploring and pushing the boundaries of CBD science, and continuing to innovate with our products in order to improve quality of life for our customers.

To that end, we want the best people on our team- leaders in their fields who are dedicated to spreading and personally believe in the power of CBD. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Lindsey Sobrinski, our dynamic Director of Marketing and Ecommerce.

In the sections that follow, Lindsey shares her personal CBD journey and how CBD has become a key player in her daily life. CBD empowers Lindsey to be her best in every role, whether it’s as an executive, or as a busy wife and mom to two young kiddos. 

Let’s start by getting to know Lindsey a little better...


Q: Give us a little background info on who you are and why CBD matters to you.

A: “As a marketing executive within the CBD industry, I'm passionate about advocating for products that truly make a difference in people's lives. It's incredibly fulfilling to work in a field where I can promote items backed by solid clinical research. Isn't that amazing?

Despite the demands of my busy schedule, I prioritize maintaining my physical health. Even at 40, with a bustling household including a 4-year-old and an almost 6-year-old, staying fit is essential for keeping up with the energy levels needed for family life.  

Balancing work, family, and personal wellness activities is key to leading a fulfilling and holistic lifestyle. And yes, CBD plays a significant role in my wellness journey, contributing to my overall well-being and vitality.”


Q: Can you share your personal CBD journey with us? How did you first discover CBD and what led you to incorporate it into your wellness routine ?

A: “I first came to know CBD through the media, which was wholly inaccurate. Unfortunately, the amount of misinformation on CBD is prolific! After working at NextEvo, and starting to REALLY read the science-backed research on water-based CBD, I’ve come to understand its real value– not getting high, but adding to my physical recovery. After a shower from the gym, I like to use the CBD cream on my focused muscles. My husband, who has severe arthritis in his hands, swears by the CBD cream for relief. But the reason I started to include it in my routine? I wanted to experiment with natural solutions for my body.”

Q: What specific health or wellness goals were you hoping to achieve by using CBD, and have you seen any positive results since incorporating it into your routine? 

A: “My personal goal with CBD is to have an overall better balance on my physical and mental state. Life is hard enough! Having something that can naturally help? That’s a score!”


Q: What does your CBD routine look like? Why are these your go-to products?

A: “Morning: I like to add 2 cbd powder packets to my mushroom infused coffee to start the day (it provides a little oomph).

Post-Workout: I love to use the cream on my tight muscles after a shower. It makes for a faster recovery, I’ve found– even when you are squatting serious weight. Really!

Afternoon: I have 1 packet of the Berry Swiftsticks. They are just like the pixi stix, and well- I am still a kid at heart. Being healthy and reminiscing is great!  Then I also take 2 gummies of the Ashwagandha only supplements, the new berry flavor is my favorite.”

CBD Recovery Cream 

Q: In your words, what makes NextEvo Naturals stand out as the best CBD supplement brand? 

A: “What you see on the label is what you get. And they can back it up with proof.”


Q: Are there any misconceptions about CBD that you would like to address based on your personal experiences and knowledge?

A: “Tinctures. I thought the only way to ‘really’ ingest cbd was to use those gross oil-based tinctures. Come to find out it’s the way we process the CBD and in what form, that is what matters: having CBD with a little food + taking only water-based CBD.”


Q: Can you describe your experience with using NextEvo Naturals CBD products in terms of effectiveness and overall satisfaction? 

A: “It. Works. The key to the desired results is testing different mg dosage and to expect to see the real results in 3-4 weeks. For example, if you start a new beauty regimen, you don’t expect 100% change overnight. It takes time to remove the old and build to the new preferred health levels.”


Q: Are there any upcoming NextEvo Naturals CBD products that you're particularly excited about and why?

A: “Absolutely! We are launching a whole Health Care Professional line that will be increased strength and only available from your doctors office like: 5% CBD cream, 25mg capsules and more. We want to make sure doctors have the ability to educate the patient on the dosage and methods of treatment for higher dosages.


Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering incorporating CBD into their wellness routine but may have reservations or questions?

A: “Listen to your body as you discover the right dosage for you. Only you will know the answer.”

Thank you Lindsey for sharing your personal testimony on CBD so that more people can be reached and informed about the remarkable potential for high-quality CBD supplements to improve quality of life.

At NextEvo Naturals, we are proud to have CBD champions like Lindsey as valued members of the NextEvo Naturals team. Her real-life journey with CBD highlights how powerful, plant-based supplements can help us reach our full potential and be at our best.

Discover the transformative benefits of CBD today and experience the NextEvo Naturals difference for yourself. Browse our full line of products here.