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CBD Study: Most Brands 50% Off Label Claims

CBD Study: Most Brands 50% Off Label Claims - NextEvo Naturals

Results From Pennsylvania Testing Lab on 16 CBD Products Show Eye-Opening Data on Top Brands

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CONSHOHOCKEN, PA, March 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- NextEvo Naturals (“NextEvo™” or the “Company”), a premium supplement brand focused on revolutionizing the delivery of nutritional compounds, announced today results from a third-party study on 16 randomly selected cannabidiol (CBD) products that were purchased from large chain retailers in Pennsylvania locations and online, which showed large inconsistencies with label claims.

“This study has confirmed that there is a large disconnect between what manufacturers claim is in the product versus what test results show,” said John McDonagh, President and CEO of NextEvo Naturals. “The study results reflect that there are industry-leading products setting a poor standard for a rapidly growing industry, and that consumers need additional data to drive their decisions. Rampant mislabeling of products continues to be a major issue in the wellness industry, and we’re proud to partner with Coral Reef Labs to share this information with consumers.”

NextEvo Naturals commissioned Coral Reef Labs to conduct the randomized study as the CBD category has continued to experience exponential growth in both consumer interest and emerging brands - while many companies are struggling to manufacture products that meet their label claims. Coral Reef Labs performs comprehensive analytical testing from its state approved laboratory in Central Pennsylvania.

The study was conducted objectively and with the highest scientific standards, showing that 50% (eight out of 16) of the products did not contain at least the amount of CBD that was claimed on the label.

Among the products tested were large national brands such as SocialCBD, CV Sciences, and retailers’ own brands, along with emerging brands such as Winged and CBDistillery. NextEvo Naturals also had the independent lab include NextEvo Naturals’ gummy and capsule lines in the study to highlight the quality of their product.

“We are proud to participate in a study that allowed us to offer an unbiased, third-party analysis of current, trending CBD products on the market,” said Lou McCloskey, General Manager of Coral Reef Labs. “Third-party analysis is an important aspect of ensuring transparency and quality control in the CBD industry.”

To set up for the study, 16 CBD products were randomly selected from grocery store and supplement store chains, both located in eastern Pennsylvania, and reflect a range of well-known and emerging brands. All products were labeled as dietary supplements and most included an expiration date, which under DSHEA guidelines, require a product to contain at least the amount indicated on the label to the expiration date listed on the package. Products were chosen with varying price points and CBD milligram potency claims.

Among the 16 products tested, 10 were gummy products, which have exploded in demand in recent years, three were capsule-based and three were tinctures. The tinctures and capsule-based products exceeded the potency claimed on the label, whereas the gummy products saw the most failures in terms of potency claims. On the products that fell short, variances in potency claims varied from 8% less than advertised to 60% less, illustrating a major problem in consistency across the category that indicates consumers are being misled by major manufacturers. The results of the study are included in the adjacent table.



The unregulated framework of the CBD market segment allows manufacturers to make claims without third party data, leading to inconsistent quality or underperforming products and bad consumer experiences, even from trusted outlets. This is why NextEvo felt it was necessary to put these brands, including their own, under the microscope.

The CBD market has rapidly grown in recent years, with estimates that it will exceed $20 billion in the United States by 2030. Many big box retailers have been slow to add CBD products to their product offerings given the current fluid regulatory framework for CBD products, but some large chains stock the products in response to strong consumer demand. A recent Gallup study showed that one in seven US adults use CBD daily and that number is expected to have increased throughout the pandemic and headed into 2023. This study’s results show the clear need for further regulation and oversight over the CBD category and the need for transparency from brands.

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