Calm Bundle - NextEvo Naturals
Calm Bundle - NextEvo Naturals
Calm Bundle - NextEvo Naturals

New Name Calm Bundle

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Take holistic self-care and stress management to the next level with our ideal CBD De-Stress Calm Bundle. Boost daily well-being with Premium Pure Gummies and ease those frazzled nerves with our Calm CBD Complex. Delight in our irresistible mixed berry, sweet strawberry, and tropical fruit flavors. Experience the full advantages of our vegan CBD gummies crafted with all-natural, US-grown hemp. Every CBD batch is independently lab-tested for purity and potency. Dive into our superior CBD gummies and embrace a more relaxed state of wellness. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Suggested Use 

We recommend 40mg of CBD daily and this bundle achieves that:

Stress CBD Complex: Adults take two (2) gummies twice daily for optimal results.

Premium Pure CBD Gummies: Adults take one (1) gummy. 

Our Quality:

All-natural CBD and refinement process create wellness products with the highest quality standards. NextEvo Naturals' water-soluble CBD provides a high concentration of bioavailability CBD that acts fast. Our CBD products are developed by leading experts to help achieve next-level wellness. Every batch of our CBD is tested four times from the farm through final packaging. 

Our Purity

Our water-soluble CBD is made with 100% all-natural US-grown hemp and is independently lab-tested throughout every stage of its formulation to ensure purity and potency. We're product to offer pure and potent, high concentrated CBD that is GMO-free, gluten-free, and suitable for vegan diets.

Our Science 

Our water-soluble CBD incorporates SmartSorb™ Technology, so you only receive the most precise dose of water-soluble CBD with an absorption rate that is 4x more efficient than regular, oil-based CBD products.

Our Guarantee

Our CBD gummies are developed to the highest standards and thoroughly tested. We pride ourselves on delivering you the highest quality CBD available. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied after 30 days of trying it, tell us, and we'll make it right. 

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Stress CBD Complex:
• Increases DHEA
• Decreases Cortisol
• Promotes Mood & Emotional Well-Being
• Promotes Mental Clarity
• Enhances Sleep
• Decreases Inflammation

Premium Pure CBD Gummies:
• Great taste, no bitter aftertaste
• Convenient take-anywhere chewable
• Vegan, does not contain gelatin
• THC-free
• Made in the USA

Stress CBD Complex: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Distilled Water, Natural Tropical Fruit Flavors, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Maltodextrin, Stevia, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, MCT Oil (Coconut), Sodium Chloride, Carnauba Wax, Natural Color, Licorice Root Extract, Silicon Dioxide.

Premium Pure CBD Gummies: Corn Syrup, Sagar, Purified Water, Pectin, Acacia, MCT Oil. Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural Color, Licorice Root Extract, Carnauba Wax.


"Through my research, I've found that water-soluble CBD gummies, like the 10mg CBD Daily Wellness are one of the few marketed CBD supplements backed by scientifically credible research on optimized formulations and testing in humans to evaluate the pharmacokinetic behavior and safety profile. These CBD supplements may play a role in an inflammation reduction plan and promote cognitive health, including improved focus, stress relief, and relaxation."

David Chernoff

Chief Medical Officer

Calm Bundle

Product Highlights

Take holistic self-care and stress management to the next level with our ideal CBD Stress Bundle. Boost daily well-being with Premium Pure gummies and ease those frazzled nerves with our Stress CBD complex.


I've felt less stressed since taking these and love them

Nicole R.
Verified Buyer


Our bodies naturally produce their own endocannabinoids as a response to stress. Every day we deal with acute stress, and this is healthy. Supplementing your body with CBD is thought to support the endocannabinoid system, helping you deal with the feelings of stress. Discover more about stress and CBD in our blog.

Stress CBD Complex Gummies are discrete and easily transported from place to place so you can carry them in your bag or pocket and have them available when you want them. All of our CBD products are fast acting and highly absorbent so they start to get to work in as little as 10 minutes and absorb more CBD than other products*, thanks to our proprietary SmartSorb technology.

Using quality CBD products can help support your endocannabinoid system. There are also many other methods and wellness techniques available to help you become more resilient to stress. Read our blog post on stress and resilience to learn more.

It is always recommended that you speak with your healthcare provider before beginning a CBD regimen.  

When starting a CBD regimen, we recommend beginning with 10-20mg of CBD per day for the first week to ensure it is well tolerated.  

You can then gradually increase your daily dose by increments of 5mg until you find your optimal dose, depending on what feels best for you.  

Successful customers often report that a daily maximum of 80-120mg (30-40 mgs, 2-3 times per day) works best.  

We recommend giving it 4-6 weeks at your maximum dose to determine if the supplements are effective for your needs. 

Additionally, we recommend taking our CBD with food to enhance absorption by the body. 

CBD has been proven to create a sense of calm and may help support symptoms of stress. It can be taken in many different forms like edibles to have multiple times throughout the day, and capsules to ingest daily.