Nano CBD: What is it? And is it more effective than CBD Oil?

Nano CBD: What is it? And is it more effective than CBD Oil? - NextEvo Naturals

Nano CBD: What is it? And is it more effective than CBD Oil?

We’ve all heard the term “nano” before, but what does it mean in relation to CBD supplements?

In the context of CBD, the word is an abbreviation of the term “nanoemulsion” — a food processing technique that’s commonly used to reduce the fat content of ice cream and salad dressings.

The great news is that the health supplement industry has now adopted the nanoemulsion method to create Nano CBD — a water-soluble form of CBD that has a faster absorption rate and greater potency than regular oil-based supplements.

CBD is an oil, and oil and water don’t mix, right? That’s why it’s previously been so hard to make a CBD supplement that’s fast-acting, efficient, and water dispersible.

By dramatically decreasing the size of CBD droplets and blending them with a natural emulsifying “carrier”, scientists are now able to finely disperse CBD in water, meaning greater bioavailability and faster absorption.

It’s a significant breakthrough because it offers a CBD supplement with up to 4X the absorption rate compared to traditional CBD supplements.

That means you get more of the numerous health benefits of CBD, such as improved neurological function, immune system support, better sleep, better heart health, improved digestion, skin health, quicker recovery from exercise, and faster homeostasis (return to physiological balance).

What’s more, you get better value for money from Nano CBD because far more of the CBD you ingest is available to your body to use.

At this point, we must note that, as with all supplements, CBD products are not a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle, and should only be used after consulting a medical professional.

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What is Nano CBD?

Nano CBD is a water-soluble form of CBD that has a faster absorption rate and greater potency than regular oil-based supplements.

Nanoemulsion technology is a major leap forward for the CBD industry and offers scientists a way to dramatically increase the bioavailability of CBD in supplements.

It’s now possible to reduce the CBD emulsion droplet to sub-micron size — about as small as it’s possible to make them — and produce the next generation of CBD supplements: Nano CBD.

The smaller the size of the emulsified droplets, the quicker the CBD is absorbed and utilized by the body — and the greater benefit you experience from your supplement. It’s that simple.

What products contain Nano CBD?

Many misconceive that Nano CBD, or water-soluble CBD, is only available in liquid form, but there are several forms of Nano CBD:

  • Nano CBD Capsules

NextEvo Premium Pure CBD Extra Strength Capsules are one of the most potent CBD supplements yet devised. Backed by multiple trials and rigorously tested, they support the endocannabinoid system and contribute to the body’s response to inflammation, stress, and recovery.

Highly concentrated and made with 100% all-natural, US-grown hemp, their precise dose of 15mg of water-soluble CBD is the equivalent of taking 60mg of a regular lipid-based CBD supplement.

Working with your body by using Smartsorb™ technology they have 4X faster absorption rate than regular supplements, meaning they cross the body wall and start working with your system within 10 minutes. That’s a huge improvement over lipid-based formulas.

  • Nano CBD Dissolvable Powder

If you want to add a Nano CBD supplement to your food or a beverage, choose a dissolvable CBD powder. We recommend Caliper’s single-dose 25mg sachets for a flavor-neutral and quick, easily-mixed source of Nano CBD that’s simple to integrate into your daily health regime.

  • Flavoured Nano CBD Powder

If you’re on the go, try Caliper Swiftsticks for 20mg of Nano CBD anywhere, anytime you need it. Just sprinkle the delicious-tasting powder onto your tongue. Quick, easy, and effective, they come in three delicious flavors: Mixed Berry, Lemon Lime, and Cool Mint.

  • Nano CBD Gummies

For more fast-acting Nano CBD goodness that you can easily enjoy wherever and whenever you need it, choose our chewy CBD Gummies. They deliver 10mg of pure CBD in either Summer Berry or Citrus Mix flavors. Grab a few before you go out and you’re all set.

  • Nano CBD Mints

NextEvo’s Extra Strength CBD Chewable Mints are a great way to take CBD. Their Extra Strength Formulation of SmartSorb™ CBD also offers 4x better absorption versus regular supplements, giving you yet another potent way to experience the benefits of pure CBD.

Check out the entire NextEvo CBD range here.

How Is Nano CBD produced?

Nano CBD is produced by the nanoemulsion process. This specialist process creates an emulsion of sub-micron-sized CBD oil particles in water by using a natural emulsifier and a high-pressure emulsifying machine.

Nanoemulsion vs microemulsion

There are a wide variety of CBD supplements on the market, but not all are created equal and it’s easy to confuse a nanoemulsion with a microemulsion.

A microemulsion is similar in principle to a nanoemulsion, but the CBD droplets are far larger, meaning they offer lower bioavailability and poorer performance for a given dose.

Nano CBD vs CBD oil - which is best?

Everyone is different and the right CBD supplement will depend on your individual requirements and the best way for you to include a CBD supplement in your health regime. That said, we recommend Nano CBD for the following reasons:

Greater absorption

The term “bioavailability” is often used in the supplement industry, but what does it mean? Simply put, it’s the rate and ease with which an active ingredient in a supplement or medicine crosses the body wall and becomes available for the body to use.

A lot of CBD supplements are oil-based, but there’s a problem with this type of supplement because nearly all the CBD that is ingested is lost because it passes straight through the digestive tract — the oil droplets are just too large to be effectively assimilated.

In fact, lipid-based supplements are a notoriously inefficient way of delivering CBD to the body with studies suggesting that up to 94% of their CBD remains unabsorbed by the body.

Nano CBD supplements, on the other hand, are readily absorbed because of the tiny size of CBD droplets in a nanoemulsion, meaning they are far more bioavailable and therefore far more potent than standard CBD products.

Faster absorption

The more bioavailability a supplement offers, the faster the body can absorb it and the quicker you experience the benefits.

Think about it, if 94% of a regular CBD supplement is lost, then Nano CBD is a complete no-brainer because of its greater effectiveness and value for money.

But don’t take our word for it, read what an independent test by Colorado State University has to say.

The CSU study confirmed that Caliper’s CBD supplements provide 450% more bioavailable CBD than regular oil-based CBD products. That’s a huge difference.

How do I take Nano CBD?

Supplements can take the form of powders (either flavorless or flavored), capsules, tablets, oils, gummies, mints, and creams. 

So, when choosing a supplement, think about how you want to include CBD in your wellness regime. For example, powders are a great way to add CBD to smoothies and shakes, and gummies and mints are ultra-convenient when you’re at work.

Everyone is different, so Caliper and NextEvo make Nano CBD supplements to suit a wide range of needs. We know that people lead busy lives, so convenience and ease of use are key aspects of all of our products.

In particular, Caliper’s Swiftsticks and Flavorless CBD Dissolvable Powder sachets offer high-potency CBD in a super convenient form. Just sprinkle a Swiftstick on your tongue or mix the Flavorless CBD Dissolvable Powder in your food or beverage for an instant dose of CBD.

And if a powder isn’t your thing, NextEvo’s Premium Pure CBD Extra Strength Capsules offer high potency, highly absorbable CBD in an easy-to-swallow capsule format.

All of NextEvo’s CBD supplements are highly effective and super easy to take - if you’re having difficulty choosing which to try, why not try a CBD bundle?


Are nano CBD molecules smaller than regular CBD molecules?

No. Nano CBD molecules are the same size as regular CBD molecules.

It’s important to make the distinction between a CBD “droplet” and a CBD “molecule”. CBD droplets contain millions of CBD molecules, but the molecules themselves are not changed by emulsification — they are too tiny.

What emulsification deals with is the size of CBD droplets, and as we know, the smaller the size of the CBD oil droplet, the quicker and more effectively it is absorbed.

Is Nano CBD full-spectrum?

Nano CBD is not what is called a “full-spectrum” supplement, and that’s a good thing in this instance because it means you’re getting pure CBD without the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in the hemp plant.

Instead, Nano CBD uses CBD isolate technology to deliver pure CBD — the key molecule that offers the health benefits associated with the cannabis plant and that works in concert with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Is Nano CBD safe?

It’s important to note that awareness of the benefits of CBD is a fairly recent development and although there is a wealth of research that points towards CBD’s safety and efficacy, CBD products are not FDA-approved..

However, take products that only contain pure CBD from reputable manufacturers, such as Caliper and NexEvo, and you can rest assured you’re using a safe, natural product that offers numerous health and well-being benefits.

How long does it take for Nano CBD to take effect?

Everyone’s body is different and the speed at which Nano CBD is absorbed will vary from person to person. The thing to remember is that Nano CBD is absorbed and utilized by the body far more quickly than regular CBD supplements.

Is Nano CBD stronger?

CBD molecules have a standard strength or effect on the body, so what really determines the potency of a supplement is the way it delivers its CBD. The large CBD oil droplets used in regular supplements offer low bioavailability and therefore low potency.

Nano CBD, on the other hand, uses nanoemulsion technology to create ultra-small “nano” CBD droplets in a water-soluble carrier. That equates to high bioavailability and therefore high potency and efficacy.

So, if you take 10mg of regular CBD supplement and 10mg of Nano CBD, the Nano CBD will work far more effectively, by delivering more usable CBD to your body.