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PK Study Finds CBD Oil Doesn’t Absorb Well (Includes Capsule & Tinctures)

PK Study Finds CBD Oil Doesn’t Absorb Well (Includes Capsule & Tinctures)

In the ever-expanding world of CBD products, choosing the right form of CBD can impact its effectiveness and the benefits it offers. This has been proven by a recent scientific study, which explores the absorption of CBD in different forms and found that orally ingested CBD oil, whether ingested as a tincture of via capsule, is not absorbed well by the body.

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Understanding CBD Absorption
The Study
The Benefit of Water-Soluble CBD

At NextEvo Naturals, we strive to provide our customers with the most effective CBD products, and this study reinforces our stance on the importance of opting for water-soluble CBD for enhanced bioavailability.

Understanding CBD Absorption

CBD is a non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid that is widely used in clinical treatments and consumer products. CBD can be absorbed by the body through various routes of administration. 

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When administered orally or sublingually (under the tongue), CBD is absorbed through the digestive system. After ingestion, CBD is metabolized in the liver and enters the bloodstream, where it can then be distributed throughout the body.

It is important to note that the bioavailability of CBD, which refers to the amount and rate at which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, can vary depending on the formulation, which can be either water or oil based.

Due to the composition of the human body being mostly water, supplements using an oil-based administration method (whether in capsule form or sublingual tincture) aren’t well absorbed by the body. However, when delivered using a water-based formulation, the human body is able to absorb 4X as much CBD as compared to CBD oil brands. 

The recent PK study confirms this.

The Study

The study involved eight male participants who received CBD oil as sublingual drops and in gelatin capsules, with placebos used as control. The researchers measured CBD concentrations in the participants' plasma, as well as other cardiometabolic and subjective outcomes, to determine any differences in absorption between the two forms.

Interestingly, the study found that plasma CBD concentrations, peak CBD concentration, time of peak concentration, and area under the concentration curve were not significantly different between the sublingual drops and capsules. This suggests that there were no meaningful differences in the routes of CBD absorption between the two forms. 

The researchers also concluded that CBD oil delivered sublingually is likely to be swallowed before significant absorption through the oral mucosa occurs. This insight has implications for both research design and CBD product choice, as it underscores the need for water-soluble CBD products that offer enhanced absorption. 

The Benefit of Water-Soluble CBD

Choosing the right form of CBD can make a significant difference in its absorption and effectiveness. The recent study comparing sublingual drops and oil filled gelatin capsules confirms the comparable absorption of CBD in both forms and that neither absorb well in the human body.

At NextEvo Naturals, we prioritize your well-being and strive to provide you with the most effective CBD products. That's why our CBD comes in a water-soluble form. Unlike traditional CBD oil, water-soluble CBD has better bioavailability and absorption rates, allowing for approximately four times more CBD to enter your body compared to CBD oil brands.

When choosing CBD products, it's important to prioritize quality and safety. NextEvo Naturals' water-soluble CBD is derived from grown hemp in the United States, ensuring optimal cultivation conditions and freedom from harmful contaminants. 

We subject our products to testing four times throughout the manufacturing process and we provide readily available lab reports that attest to the potency, purity, and safety of our CBD products.

Remember, making informed decisions when it comes to CBD products is essential for your wellness. If you have any questions or concerns, our team at NextEvo Naturals is always here to provide guidance and support.



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