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CBD for the Sober Curious: Finding Calm and Confidence in Social Situations

CBD for the Sober Curious: Finding Calm and Confidence in Social Situations - NextEvo Naturals

The sober curious movement has continued to make waves across the United States for a variety of reasons, with the number of participants growing from 12 percent in 2020 to 19 percent in 2022. This trend has stuck around due to its incredible list of benefits and its no-pressure philosophy. However, while many strive to be sober curious, the thought of being sober in a room full of others drinking can cause people to forgo the idea altogether. 

Luckily, there are ways for the sober curious to combat this fear and find calm and confidence in social situations, and the answer lies within CBD for the sober curious.


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What Does it Mean to Be Sober Curious?
How to Succeed at Being Sober Curious
  • Remember Your Reason

  • Recognize & Replace Triggers
  • Reward yourself
How Can CBD Help the Sober Curious?

  • Combine CBD With Beverages

The Best CBD for the Sober Curious

What Does it Mean to Be Sober Curious?

Being sober curious is a proactive approach that literally means being curious about your reasoning for drinking alcohol and adapting your relationship with it. It does not necessarily mean you have to abstain from drinking completely, but rather puts your efforts and choices into perspective, and makes you contemplate why you are drinking at all, if you really want to, and if it is others who are the ones who are putting the pressure on you to do so.

Many times as people become sober curious, they discover the only reason they were drinking was that other people were and they felt as though it was socially expected.

How to Succeed at Being Sober Curious

  • Being sober curious is similar to breaking bad habits. 
  • Success depends on monitoring and controlling your behavior optimally. 
  • Below we'll outline the things you should keep in mind to have your best chances of success in this venture.

Remember Your Reason

One of the easiest ways to maintain a sober curious lifestyle is to remember your reason for choosing to think this way. Whether you did not enjoy your relationship with alcohol, you’re supporting a loved one, or you simply want to make a lifestyle change, write this goal down and vocalize it to others so it feels real. 

Recognize & Replace Triggers

The first few times you go out to a party or event and choose not to drink, you will want to hone in on your triggers -  what makes you want to order a drink? This could be the stress of talking to a group, entering a room where you do not know anyone, or it could simply be because someone else is drinking. 

Understand what the triggers are, write them down and remember them. Then refocus your thoughts by replacing a drink with a healthier option, like CBD.

Reward yourself

  • Rewarding yourself for making progress is important to remain consistent and motivated. 
  • This is especially true if you're giving up alcohol and trying to be sober. 
  • Rewards can be big or little - small treats for a good week or big rewards like vacations for being sober for longer periods of time. 

How Can CBD Help the Sober Curious?

CBD is a key player when it comes to helping your body regulate everyday stressors, as it supports the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS’ function is to create its own endogenous cannabinoids, which are actually the same chemicals that regulate stress, fear and help you adapt to environmental changes.

Taking CBD during or before a social situation while sober curious can drastically help reduce your stress level and help you discover your calm so you can enter the party or happy hour feeling confident with soda water in hand instead of a glass of wine.

Combine CBD With Beverages

  • You can combine CBD powder with non-alcoholic cocktails to enjoy the effects of CBD in a social setting.  
  • You can also add CBD powder to food, or even teas - like Kombucha
  • Be careful with the dosage - you’ll want to add very small amounts of CBD if you’re going to be consuming multiple beverages throughout the evening. 
  • Could link to NextEvo's Dissolvable powders in this section. 
  • Do not substitute CBD as a replacement for alcohol if you are concerned you’re using it as a crutch - in this case you should seek medical advice. 

The Best CBD for the Sober Curious

Our Stress CBD Complex gummies are packed with plant-based ingredients that double down on beating stress. The combination of whole-plant ashwagandha (8x more powerful than regular ashwagandha) and our proprietary CBD formulation partner up to reduce cortisol levels and regulate the body’s ECS. 

These powerful berry-flavored gummies may also increase DHEA, boost mood, support increased focus, and enhance sleep by 53%.   The better your body and mind feel, the more confident you can be. 

Being sober curious is a lifestyle that has gained traction in recent years for helping people reevaluate their relationship with alcohol. However, many find that eliminating or reducing alcohol in social situations can cause more stress. 

That is where CBD comes in. With its ability to reduce cortisol levels and promote a sense of calm, trusted products like our Stress CBD Complex are the perfect solution for the sober curious looking to find their calm and confidence in social situations. 

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