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    Targeted Skin Relief

    Experience the soothing relief of deep penetrating body cream. Formulated to naturally absorb deep into the skin where you need relief most. With soothing hemp CBD, Vitamin E and shea butter.


    CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, a natural substance that is one of the most commonly occurring compounds in the Hemp plant. CBD is directly extracted from plants and is 100% natural and has scientifically-backed research has shown that CBD can be beneficial to physical health and mental wellness.

    No - CBD will not make you high. This is because CBD is a completely different compound to that of THC (the intoxicating constituent of the cannabis plant). 

    Hemp-derived CBD products are non-intoxicating and have zero psychoactive properties. High-quality CBD products can be used safely in your daily routine to support health and promote wellbeing.

    One of the main reasons suggesting that CBD can aid sleep is through supporting stress management. A case study into the relationship between CBD, stress and sleep has shown that patients who used CBD reported signs of improved stress response sleep within the first month of use.  If you experience occasional sleeplessness, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about what’s best for you. 

    There are a variety of CBD products available and finding the right one for you will depend on your preferred method of ingestion. Our CBD products are available as CBD capsules, CBD edibles and CBD gummies, so if taking pills isn’t to your taste, you can have an easier option.

    Health Benefits of CBD

    The health benefits of CBD are numerous, and thanks to ongoing scientific studies, new, groundbreaking ways in which CBD can support the body and mind are being discovered frequently.

    Hemp-derived CBD can be used to support a healthy stress response, immune response, mood and healthy sleep. Other areas CBD can support include:

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