Waking Up Tired? Why It Happens and What to Do About It

Waking Up Tired? Why It Happens and What to Do About It - NextEvo Naturals

Reasons You’re Waking up Tired (and How to Deal)

There’s nothing like waking up relaxed and refreshed. And it’s extra frustrating to sleep for seven or eight hours, yet spend the whole day feeling tired. While the quantity of sleep time definitely matters, sleep quality is equally important. These tips can help you improve the quality of your sleep so you wake up rested and ready for the day.

Taking CBD daily may also help support your sleep-wake cycle.

  1. You don’t have a sleep routine
    Circadian rhythms are largely responsible for determining when we feel sleepy. Try to stick to the same sleep schedule every day, even on weekends. Soon your body will learn when “bedtime” is, and when you need to feel alert.

    Circadian Rhythm

  2. Your sleep conditions aren’t ideal
    Sleeping on the right kind of mattress is crucial, especially if you’re waking up with aches in your neck, shoulders and back. You should also sleep in as dark a bedroom as possible, set the temperature so that you’re not too hot or too cold, and minimize any background noise whenever you can.

  3. You don’t limit your screen time
    Unfortunately, this habit that so many of us have picked up in recent years could be interfering with your sleep in a big way. A study in PLOS ONE found that “[r]estricting mobile phone use close to bedtime reduced sleep latency and pre-sleep arousal and increased sleep duration and working memory.” If you can, avoid screens 1 to 2 hours before bedtime to promote quality sleep.

    Limit screen time

  4. You drink caffeine or alcohol too close to bedtime
    Many lifestyle habits contribute to the quality of our sleep. Try to decrease your use of caffeine, especially in the evenings, and see if that improves your sleep quality. Also note that alcohol can significantly decrease your sleep quality, so try to limit your consumption wherever possible.

  5. You rely on chemical sleep aids
    Over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids can help in a pinch, but regular use can disrupt your natural sleep mechanisms. They also have side effects - including grogginess and brain fog. NextEvo Naturals Triple Action Hemp Sleep provides a plant-based, natural way to help you fall and stay asleep, without side effects the next day.

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